Welcome to The Freethinking School, a unique fun-filled space, buzzing with freethinking creativity; a space that inspires a love for learning for the rest of your child's life; a space that your child loves to eagerly come to, everyday.


We provide a stimulating environment rich in experiences that helps each child discover their full potential by nurturing creativity, purposeful thinking and equipping them with the necessary skill sets that contributes towards joyful, productive living.

The Freethinking School Koramangala Kudlu Kochi


At The Freethinking School, our focus is on
montessori-based, personalized, experiential learning that transcends the classroom,
to make every child a freethinker for life.

The Freethinking School Montessori Bangalore



The Freethinking School Team
Mr. Ananth Ravi

Experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the oil & energy industry. Strong real estate professional skilled in Operations Management, Venture Capital, Team Building, Risk Assessment and Strategic Sourcing.

The Freethinking School Team
Mr. Pattabhi Rama Rao SBP

PRR built the CookieMan chain almost from scratch in the Indian subcontinent and is passionate about the food business. As a partner in Gourmet Popcornica, he is in charge of driving business strategy. 

The Freethinking School Team
Dr. Nithya Poornima

A trained Clinical Psychologist, having experience working with children and adolescents. She is currently employed as an Assistant professor with the Department of Clinical Psychology, NIMHANS, Bengaluru, India. Parenting, fostering emotional well-being and resilience, early childhood enrichment, play and creative expressive methods of intervention, yoga and mindfulness are some of her current areas of interest. Training of mental health professionals and self-care among mental health professionals are other areas of interest.

The Freethinking School Team
Mr. Jude Felix Sebastian

An Olympian and Former Captain of the Indian Hockey Team, with 13+ years of International Hockey playing experience and 21+ years of Hockey coaching experience. Jude is also the President of Jude Felix Hockey Academy, a non-profit organization that’s promotes Hockey among under-privileged children.

The Freethinking School Team
Sandy Philip
Co-founder and Directress

Sandy loves working with children and believes that they are our most precious resources. Having devoted close to a decade in the field of education, she believes that experiential Montessori learning is the most meaningful methodology that has far-reaching benefits to the learner, way beyond the confines of the pages in a textbook.

She received her teachers' training from Christ University and is a certified Montessori Directress. She is also the Founder of The Montessori Network, a community initiative to promote Montessori to the masses. She has a flair for all things literary, is highly creative and devoted to creating learning spaces that are engaging and everlasting

The Freethinking School Team
Sunoj Philip
Founder & CEO

Sunoj is the brain behind The Freethinking School. With over 20 years of marketing, event management and brand communications experience, Sunoj is no stranger to ideas! He is the founder of a creative social impact agency called Agency for Good which is focused on doing good work that enables the greater good.

He is also the founder of an online platform called Zillion Acts for Good that helps communities do what they love while doing good. Innovative, committed, eager to learn and driven by passion, he envisioned a space that nurtures the imaginative mind.